Acharya Review: Acharya Telugu Movie Review Why does every director want to be Rajamouli?

Acharya Review: Why does every director want to be Rajamouli? Not only in Telugu films, but in films across India, director SS Rajamouli has set certain criteria through the scale of his films, which are no longer possible to overcome. Rajamouli’s films have a lot to offer in addition to the best story, such as the gorgeous set and the brand new kind of action. One thing that is worth and appreciated in his films is the good balance of all kinds of emotions in the film. In his films, the main character is always a compassionate person and tears come in his eye. Rajamouli’s films take a lot of inspiration from mythology, ancient temple-carved figures, centuries-old paintings, and when you feel like watching a couple of his films you will understand his style, he brings something new.

This newness is due to the introduction of the default formulas of the films in a new way. Many directors are trying to adopt this style of theirs and almost all are failing. In this episode, the new name is director Koratla Siwa. His latest film Acharya was recently released on Amazon Prime Video. Despite the beautiful special effects, the best computer graphics, superstar chinrjivi and his son Ram Charan along with the talented Pooja Hegde, the well-known composer Mani Sharma who gave music to at least 30 hit films and the best cinematographer Thiru, there was no chance to be bewildered to see “Acharya”. The film is entertaining though, but still there is no special love springing up by watching the film like maybe Baahubali or RRR looks like.

The story is about a greedy merchant (Jishu Sengupta) taking possession of the forest and cutting it down and excavating mineral materials. His vision is to destroy the shrine and the village padghattam located near it and grab the entire land of that area. For this, he spreads chaos in the shrine and accompanies the local goon Sonu Sood. The shrine becomes an adharmist very soon and to prevent this, Carpenter has to come to the village disguised as (Acharya) Chiranjeevi who is actually a Naxalist and has clashed with the people of that merchant before. Coming to the village, he slowly ends Sonu Sood’s business, washing his henchmen. In the midst of all this, suddenly comes the character of Ram Charan, who grew up in the shrine, but in fact he is the child of a heroic Naxalist father. After finding his roots, he meets Acharya and is martyred, saving Acharya in a fight. Before he dies, Acharya tries to save his village. Acharya finally kills all the goons and fixes everything.

Many films have been made on the stories of illegal occupation of the land in the village, so the story of Kortala Siwa is not a novelty, it is certain. There are still some things in this film like Markey’s wonderful music. Mani Sharma has worked hard in songs. The rhythm of the film’s first song, “Lahey Lahey”, is strong and makes you choke on yourself. This song is filmed on Sangeeta Krish and Chiranjeevi. Melodious song” Nilambari ” is romantic song filmed on Ram Charan and Pooja Hegde and is karnapri. Regina Kasandra and Chiranjeevi appear in the item song named ” Sana Kastam”. The song appears to have been made in the film instead. Regina is very beautiful and her dance is also smoky. One such item is the song “bhoh bhoh Banjara” which is designed to show Ram Charan and Chiranjeevi together. The opening tune seems to be influenced by the song” Jahan Teri yeh Nazar Hai”. The song is a hit but Misfits in the story. If there were no songs in this film, maybe watching the whole film would be a punishment in itself.

Chiranjeevi is a mega star. Across the country, no one Telugu film is paired therein Chiranjeevi thanks to the course is given. This is his 152nd film as an actor. Chiranjeevi is very popular in the audience due to the action and dance. In this film, too, he has mostly focused on this thing. Those who like his dialogue delivery have been quite disappointed. Director kotarala had done films with Mahesh Babu before this and so he chose him for a special guest role. Mahesh was unable to roll for some reason, so Chiranjeevi talked about taking his son Ram Charan in the film, but Ram’s role was increased in the film. According to the latest script, in the second part of the film, all the focus was placed on the character of Ram Charan. A hero’s character was kept with Chiranjeevi. Trisha was the first to play this character. Then he was replaced by Kajal Agarwal. During the film, she got pregnant and production was delayed due to covid. Due to not being able to do justice to the character, the director did not put his role in the film. There is no heroine with Chiranjeevi in the film but Pooja Hegde has been kept with Ram Charan. Pooja Hegde is a beautiful actress and dances well. His romantic scenes with Ram Charan, the tampering scenes are very tempting.

Sonu Sood has been made a villain. Due to the humanitarian work done during covid, Sonu Sood’s image has become such that he does not seem to be vilified from any angle. In this film, his scenes with Ram Charan are good and his getup is also good, but in all the subsequent scenes, he is seen in a very sloppy getup, especially in the case of hairstyle. His role is typical. There’s nothing newness. Sonu Sood doesn’t look violent even in violent scenes. Jishu Sengupta’s roll is small. Apart from Bengali, Jishu is also seen in films in other languages like Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Apart from this, experienced actors who are often seen in South Indian films such as Nasar, Tanikella Bharani, Vennela Kishore, Ajay, Ravi Prakash and Satyadev are also in minor roles. The advantage of taking such actors is that they do not have to work particularly hard on their acting. There are so many approved artists themselves that even in the smallest scene they put life.

The film was also not much at the box office because at that time Rajamouli’s film “RRR” was capped at the box office. The story emphasized the shrine and the goodness of the people so much that the original plot of the film was hidden from the rest of the scenes. Even the fascination of watching Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan together in the same film could not save the film. By the way, Chiranjeevi has been seen in the guest role in Ram’s films many times, but the role of both together came to see in a film for the first time, but because of such a weak story and tired script, it was staggered. Making a film influenced by Rajamouli is one thing and making a film of Rajamouli level is another. Kotarala Siwa has made good films before it and has been almost all the talk, Acharya is a stage in his life that he would like to forget. Watching Acharya movies is like a boring lecture. Don’t attend.

Acharya  Movie Review In Hindi: कैसी है फिल्म आचार्य, देखने से पहले रिव्यु पढ़ने में आपकी भलाई है

Acharya Movie Review : after RRR, Ramcharan’s following has increased significantly among Hindi movie watchers, as a result Acharya movie is getting good response

Acharya Movie Review : after seeing the duo of South superstar Chiranjeevi and his superstar son Ramcharan in the movie ‘Acharya’, the audience has become bawled. After seeing Ramcharan in Ramavatar in RRR, his fan following has increased significantly in the audience of the Hindi film. While Indra the tiger who first of the Hindi audience across addict. On April 29, Acharya film was released in enamel. Read the Hindi review of Acharya film before watching the film.

Acharya Director: Koratala Siva
Acharya Cast: Ramcharan, Chiranjeevi, Kajal Agarwal, Pooja Hegde
Acharya Budget: 140 crores
Acharya IMDB: 5.4
Acharya Movie Review

Acharya Movie Review: fans of Ramacharan were expecting the actor in Acharya film as his powerful role was in RRR, Acharya comparing the film to RRR is like comparing MCU Avengers to Hrithik Roshan’s Krish. The movie is pretty good. The director wants to make people excited by showing how good the son and father duo looks in the big screen. But the public goes to see the story of the film along with seeing the hero.

After 40 minutes of the beginning, there is a little twist, and when people enjoy watching the film, it is intervened. After the interview, it’s just maddening. If direction and cinematography were not good in the film, then Acharya film would also start counting in typical South films. If you are right, the camera’s amazing and good action sequence has kept Acharya the shame of the film.

Before the interview, the film is a little ripe, but after the interview, the interest in watching the film starts to increase. But if you are going to see it with the expectation like RRR, Pushpa, KGF 2 then you will return sad from Kassam.

What a wonderful movie to watch!

Is Acharya movie worth watching: Well, not too bad and not too good. It can be counted in the one time watch movie. Not even that Acharya is not worth watching the film. The movie is entertaining, but as many South films have come this year, it does not appear in Dum Acharya.

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