Apharan 2 Review: Ekta Kapoor’s Another Adult-only Series, Watch ‘apharan 2’ Only if Five Hours Are Wasted

Apharan 2 Review: Ekta Kapoor’s another adult-only series, watch ‘Apharan 2’ only if five hours are wasted

Abduction 2 review – Photo: Amar Ujala
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Abduction 2
Arunodaya Singh , Nidhi Singh, Sanand Verma , Snehil Dixit Mehra and Jeetendra

Apharan 2 Review: Ekta Kapoor's Another Adult-only Series, Watch 'apharan 2' Only if Five Hours Are Wasted
Apharan 2 Review: Ekta Kapoor’s Another Adult-only Series, Watch ‘apharan 2’ Only if Five Hours Are Wasted

Siddharth Sengupta , Umesh Padalkar , Anahata Menon and Varun Badola
Geo studios and Balaji Telefilms
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Ekta Kapoor and her mother Shobha Kapoor are credited with creating another web series ‘kidnapping 2’. From saas bahu stories to dirty talk, Hindustani television content queen Ekta Kapoor wants to do everything. Want to create everything. So when in the country by paying Di quote find on the internet, Everything Sells will be and everything is becoming and will continue to. Ekta Kapoor’s new audience is a pulpit reader who has become accustomed to seeing Manohar stories and Satya kathas on screen. Ghiyaan Anurag Kashyap has become the norm in the cinema and the cocktail of all this is offered to viewers in the Manmohan Desai type drama in the web series ‘abduction 2’. If the pressure is to create a sequel to a popular web series, the matter is to try to keep a little bigger than life from the start. Just watch it on smart TV because the case is 18 plus.

अपहरण 2
Abduction 2-Photo: social media
Arunodaya Singh damdar is an actor. He has also done everything to become an on-screen hero. This time he is telling his own story. Those who watch the previous season know his Haridwar’s Ram story. This time the story is going abroad. The reason is to suppress a well-known criminal. The name of Arunodaya in the series is Rudra. Ajay Devgn is also doing a separate series called Rudra. Both are policemen. But the Rudra of the web series ‘abduction 2 ‘ derives from the stories of Anurag Kashyap. Abuses in bulk. Themselves too. The audience has already seen what trap the wife has caught by the end of her last season. This time the story of the two is a bit more violent. But, the real mission of this time is to subdue BBS i.e. Bikram Bahadur Shah.

अपहरण 2
Abduction 2-Photo: social media
The story of the web series ‘abduction 2’ stretches to 11 episodes. Stretching because the pressure to create a sequel to a popular series is clearly visible from start to finish. The drone camera also flies a lot if the second season should look bigger than the first season. Abuses are the same number of times and they are the same number of times for which Ekta Kapoor’s series is recognized on OTT. There is also a closed door. There is also an open window. As Ekta Kapoor’s new generation of adult-only Stories content Queen, the web series ‘kidnapping 2’ is fit for viewers. It has everything that usually does not happen in family entertainment stories. Director Santosh Singh has acted openly and has not avoided scenes that are not needed in the story.

अपहरण सीजन 2
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In terms of cast, the series is once again similar to Arunodaya Singh’s showrail. The legacy that Arunodaya comes from has given him plenty of opportunities in the Hindi entertainment world, but the legacy in front of the camera is less and more artistic. Like every character, Arunodaya works hard to become Rudra. His weakness is simply that acting does not come to his face spontaneously. Nidhi Singh has his own blueprint. She uses the same colors and flavors over and over again that she has got used to. Yes, Snehil Dixit and Sanand Verma leave their mark again. Sukhmani Sadana is the surprise of this season. Jeetendra Kapoor has been in front of the camera for a long time, but it may be a wrong decision to watch the series.

अपहरण 2 रिव्यू
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Technically the web series ‘hijack 2’ does not affect much. Frequent use of slow motion weakens the series. The script of the series is also not agile. Varun Badola maintains the Tamp of the series with his dialogues by using a lifetime of Sunni learned abuses, but after a while, he also starts to feel absurd. They should avoid body shaming and apartheid dialogues. Such dialogues in the new age do not freeze even the new generation. It takes a lot of patience to see the first three episodes of the second season. If you overcome this challenge, then you can also check the rest of the episod fast forward, then there is nothing special difference. Ekta Kapoor can only think of this use of old film songs.

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