Bappi lahiri last post when he was remembers old days before death and said old is always gold pr

Bappi lahiri last post when he was remembers old days before death and said old is always gold 


Once Bappi Lahiri passed away, there was darkness in the music world. Today, he left everyone and went on the last journey. Bappi Lahari, a name whose name comes to mind when it comes to a picture of a mast Maula person laden with gold, emerges in Jahan. Disco king, who danced the youth with his stunning disco songs, had already shared his black and white throwback image on social media and recalled the old days. Her last post went viral on social media as soon as news of Bappi Da’s passing (Bappi Lahiri last Instagram Post).

Bappi Lahiri’s last post

When Bappi Lahari shared her photo on Instagram 3 days ago recalling the old days, no one would have guessed that it would be her last post. The young and energy-rich black and white image was shared on social media by Bappi Da who wrote ‘Old always remains gold’. Fans are offering him reverence on Bappi Da’s last post.

(Photo Credit: bappilahiri_official_ / Instagram)

Bappi Da’s choppy songs

With the passing of Bappi Da, an era of disco music culminated. While Bollywood is stunned by the passing away of legendary singer who has made a big difference in the Indian music industry, the music lovers are heartbreaking. ‘Man without chain where Ray’ singing the PP’s youth plenty of home was then when Amitabh Bachchan on ‘drunk’ in the film ‘Give Love’ was filmed so long lovers of Juban shadow on going. Songs like’ Tamma-tamma loge ‘ are still the life of discotheques today. The singer, who gave more than one superhit song, always remembered the old days. In the past, many people used to attend reality shows and tell stories from the past.

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The glow of disco in Bappi Da’s songs

According to reports, Bappi Lahari was undergoing treatment for the past month. He was recently discharged from the hospital. Born on 27 November 1952, Bappi Da was a famous musician and singer from India. Bappi Lahari’s music, loaded with jewelry, had the sparkle of a disco.

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