Choori Full Movie-Film Reviews 2021

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Most horror films made in Bollywood do not even manage to scare and their story is almost the same. The horror film ‘chhori’ is different in this sense because it gives the audience an important message along with the scare. On the surface, you will find a horror film with a pregnant woman at the center, but if you think deeply, this film is about the frightening thinking of our society that is even more scary than a ghost.

Choori Full Movie-Film Reviews 2021

Chhori is a remake of the hit Marathi film, which was made by director Vishal Furia with actress Usha Nayak and Pooja Sawant. Vishal has also directed the Hindi remake.

Sakshi’s husband Hemant is in debt. Witnesses are pregnant from 8 months. If you are unable to repay the money, you are threatened with a bad outcome. Frightened by this, the husband and wife decide to go underground. They choose their driver’s village where there are very few houses and people. The husband and wife are unaware that this village is overshadowed by evil forces and also has a frightening history. Newborn babies are seen as bad luck.

The story is of the village, but female foeticide happens all over India. The film stands firmly against this kuriti. The film entertains, scares, but at the same time does not miss the necessary messages.

‘Chhori’ film takes a while to set. In the beginning you may find it boring. After this, it gradually begins to form an effect. But as soon as the talk is kept at full capacity, the film takes a strong hold on the audience.

There are also some drawbacks, which can’t be written here because it can make you enjoy watching a movie gritty, but they can be ignored.

The background score plays a huge role in the horror film and Ketan Sodha’s work is awesome. It scares. The production design is commendable.

Cinematographer Anshul Choubey has managed to instill fear from his camerawork. The film does not have much location and character, it makes the work of the cinematographer difficult, but Anshul does not allow this to be felt.

Nusrat Bharucha has got such a strong role for the first time in his career, and the film is on his shoulders and he has taken this responsibility well. Although their acting range is limited, they have made good use of their squalid.

Mita Vashishta is a very senior actress and is rarely seen these days. Through ‘chhori’, his memory will be refreshed in the minds of the audience. His acting is impressive. Saurabh Goyal has also done his job well.
Overall, ‘chhori’ shows that more horror than ghosts is human thinking.

Director : Vishal Furia
Artists: Nusrat Bharucha, Mita Vasishtha, Saurabh Goyal
OTT platform : Amazon Prime Video
Rating : 3/5

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