Entertainment news 20 december live updates bigg Boss Taimur ali khan salman khan new film ankita lokhande

Entertainment news 20 december live updates bigg Boss Taimur ali khan salman khan new film ankita lokhande

The latest weekend of ‘Bigg Boss 15’ saw a tremendous twist in the war. After a task, Salman Khan announced the eviction of two contestants from home. That is, this week there was a surprise double eviction from home. Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh and later Rajiv Adatia were left homeless due to double eviction. Both received significantly fewer votes. Everyone is surprised to be out of the contest of both. Both were performing quite well during the task.

Both Rajvi Adatia and Ritesh were contestants with Wild Card Entry. Rajiv had come to the house quite early while Ritesh made an entry with wife Rakhi Sawant in the last of last month. His wife Rakhi Sawant became the first contestant to be homeless at home. He flashed to prevent them from going. Rakhi was afraid that Ritesh would leave after leaving the show. However, Ritesh swore to Rakhi and said that until she came out of the house, she would not go anywhere.

Rakhi gets scared of Ritesh’s departure

Salman Khan also assured Rakhi that Ritesh would not leave him anywhere. The householder had only discussed Ritesh’s departure, then Salman Khan called the householders again and announced the second eviction of the House. It was a surprise to all the contestants in the House. Salman took the name of Rajiv. The exit of Rajiv made Shamita Shetty and Rashmi Desai emotional.

Family farewell to Rajiv

Not only that, Karan Kundra, Tejashwi Prakash and Umar Riyaz also expressed grief at his departure. Tejaswi was seen crying with Karan’s head on his shoulder. Karan and Tejashwi cheered on his game when he went out. Pratik also hugged Rajiv and left. Rajiv went to hug his sister Shamita Shetty before leaving. And also apologized to the household.

Rajiv’s journey

Talking about Rajiv’s journey to the House of Bigg Boss 15, he won his heart with his journey and added a huge fan following. He drew attention with his amusing behavior on the show and always remained in the discussion to speak for the right. Rajiv came into the discussion when Afsana Khan accused him of touching the wrong way and also of body shaming.

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