Happy Birthday Dharmendra Filmy Career hindi And Bhojpuri

I am soft hot, my name is Dharam…

Tehelka philim’s e Gaana Khas Dharam paji sake has been made. As a matter of fact, the soft, humble Auri-resolved man in Jingi Hasan Dharam paji. In filmy jinggi, always Hee-man type, fight, anger, vengeance, fight of justice, fight as hero Dharam paji. In Hindi cinema, one of his most popular action movies, Aili Sun AA U apna time, between the scenes, OHI image sake janal too should be seen. The film also has a different ambience with his soft auori strong character. Dr. Parimal Tripathi hokhe BHA in the movie Chupke Chupke, his Aapan real life in’ Guddi‘, Ashok of satyapuri Acharya BHA’ Anupama ‘in’ Satyakam’; Dharam paji’s e-form became an image other than his He-Man.

Dharmendra today turns 8 December 86. Harpal jawan Dil, raua abhio of Evergreen Dharam paji on his social media handle on the BHA kavano TV show that Baa Baa Auri jindadil in front of the great legacy of Hindi cinema raua aankhin too. U whenever on thing he does state share can wire Bohol that e-soft Dharam your life the hold of the celebration also Ochen celebrating the URL enclosure wife U youth, ‘I S Uma’s crazy’ singing of mine he. Yes, O glorious Beetal Basant’s Ah Bakir niekh GeIL, aison bujala. Ah Jai bhi kaise, the man lived in the infatuation of Jingi throughout Jingi. OK is leave the dev, when have golden past, URL home.

Dharmendra’s film journey is very successful Rahal Auri tremendous fan following wala Rahal. Chunal GeIL was the most handsome man in the world in his 70s. Unkara’s world Iron Man titles also Mill.

Dharmendra was born in nasrali village of Khanna tehsil in Ludhiana. Only Kishan Singh Deol Auri should be the headmaster of the government school in ego village of Sahnewal tehsil. His Mai’s name is Satwant Kaur. Dharmendra’s full name is Dharam Singh Deol. Born in a Punjabi Jat family, Beetal in village. There is an atmosphere of study at home and some in your matriculation studies.

In his film, Ave’s story is also dramatic. From the beginning, be a big fan of Filmon. This is when the country is new and free. Then work in the film Kil eh Bera Lekhan Shaan ke baat na Manal Jav. The people of philim cinema’s debauchery work in buzhe Auri eh wala Logan ke Vogue AA Bauer people. 1959 film of paper flowers in Gurudev e point of your story included in the Can has that is from the movie Good Logan from the normal of the elite people of the family relationship right pairs, can that e those nine – Bosnia have. A lot of time, people want to spend money and make their own Lika likini’s hero heroine dancer singer. Ahi’s exasperated doubts that Dharmendra sake Ketana hard Rahal Hoi travels from Ludhiana to Bombay.

Oh Bera Filmfare magazine ego contest Karavaev Auri new talent ke khaye jekra filman get chances to work. Dharmendra, without a father, should also send a good photograph of him to participate in the Bombay competition. Young Dharmendra beauty of our Hot Deals deal of the talking wire Cho from UP Nice. When the jury selected his care and came to lehlas, his Bombay bolva came. Eh Tare U ih ein ail competition jitle AA film show the chance to work in KARE. Bakir unfortunately a movie Kabo Ban Na Pawal. Eh Tare ego village Leica Isha remained duped in Bombay. The rest of the fortunes remain bright. A few years later his roll mill in the movie ‘Dil Bhi Tere Hum Bhi Tere’ in 1960. Okra later got his side roll in rajakpur’s film boyfriend in 1961.

Eh the guys from the movie got their face sign wet. Okra met the lover’s roll in a romantic roll karat rahle J after a consecutive seven years. Chocolate face rehbe Keil t OHI kind of roll Mille. Eh among some of his memorable film oil flax wife Bandini, illiterate, when still will, eyes, Anupam etc. Dharmendra’s action hero wala rolls out Isle Auri Darshan ke BHA Geel from the 1966 film Phool Aur stone. E film o the highest grossing film of the year will be established as a real action hero. The film’s heroine, Meena Kumari, had a big discussion about her affair.

The father of the first married couple should take the heart of Dharmendra when Hema Malini is on his side. Abhin Le Ba with E Biyah Bhil a Dunu Jaana in very film style. Dharmendra’s many go Filmfare Awards include the nomination mill Bakir Kabo na millal for his acting award. As the producer of the National Award milbo Kil wounding film of everyone’s favorite hero. The Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award dehlas in honour of his completed career.

Bhil discusses Dharmendra’s role in the Bhojpuri film Des-Pardes. The people of bhojpuria were excited by the aiele in their Bhojpuri. Today eh his health on the birthday of the great actor Auri happy sake skilled Mangal Kama!

(Author Manoj is passionate about Bhojpuri literature and cinema.)

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