Jacqueline fernandez and nora fatehi received expensive gifts from sukesh chandrasekhar ed nodark

Jacqueline fernandez and nora fatehi received expensive gifts from sukesh chandrasekhar ed nodark

New Delhi. Mahathag Sukesh Chandrasekhar is the main accused in the fraud case of Rs 200 crore from Tihar Jail. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) questioning in this case several startling revelations are. In this case, Bollywood actresses Jacqueline Fernandez and Nora Fatehi have been questioned by sitting in front of Sukesh.

During this time, the investigating officer had asked Jacqueline and Chandrashekhar about 11 questions including their identity, first meeting and gift. Responding to the meeting question, Jacqueline had said that we had started a phone conversation with each other in February of this year and the series lasted until August 2021. During this time, I met Sukesh Chandrashekhar in Chennai in the month of June. With this, Jacqueline said that Sukesh had identified himself as Shekhar Ratan Vela. It was said that he is the owner of Sun TV and is Jayalalithaa’s nephew. At the same time, Jacqueline said that Sukesh had not bought me, my sister and my parents a BMW car. However, prior to this, Sukesh had confessed to the investigating agency about buying Jacqueline’s sister and her parents a BMW car.

Jacqueline fernandez and nora fatehi received expensive gifts from sukesh chandrasekhar ed nodark

Jacqueline’s sister transfers money to account
Meanwhile, the investigation agency asked Jacqueline if Sukesh had transferred some money to your sister’s account, who lives in the US. Jacqueline replied that about one and a half million US dollars were transferred. However, Sukesh replied very smartly and said that he could not remember anything. Before that, he had already accepted to transfer $ 185,000. In addition, Jacqueline has admitted that Sukesh has transferred Rs 1500,000 to his brother’s account in Australia. At the same time, inquiries have revealed the interaction between Jacqueline and Sukesh through WhatsApp calls and WhatsApp video calls. At the same time, both have agreed to pay Rs 15 lakh to author Advaita Kala.

Jacqueline gets expensive gifts
During Ed’s interrogation, Jacqueline admitted that Sukesh gave her an exotic horse, three designer bags that belonged to Gucci, including some dresses from Chanel and Gucci. Apart from this, Lewis mitown’s shoes, two diamond rings, multistone earrings, two Hermès bracelets were gifted, which are priced at Rs. However, Sukesh has not answered anything about this. In addition, Jacqueline said that Sukesh had gifted her a Mini Cooper car, which she later returned.

Nora Fatehi also questioned
Sukesh chandashekhar and film actress Nora Fatehi were also questioned by ED face-to-face from the money laundering angle. During this time, Nora categorically denied the conversation and meeting with Sukesh. However, Sukesh said that he spoke during an event on December 21 last year. At the same time, Sukesh has admitted to gifting Nora a BMW car. At the same time, the actress has denied getting many precious bags and other accessories. However, she used to talk to Sukesh on WhatsApp. Also, the ED enquiry revealed that Nora was also named by Sukesh as Shekhar himself.

Who is Sukesh Chandrashekhar?
Chandrashekhar, a resident of Bengaluru, Karnataka, reportedly started faking people at the age of just 17. She started the black adventures with Bengaluru and reached Chennai in no time. After this, he duped many rich people in big cities. Chandrashekhar is also known as Balaji. She defied many people in the name of headhunting. It is reported that, as a relative of the politician, he has fraudulently charged more than 100 people with Rs 75 crore.

Case filed against Chandrashekhar
In 2017, Chandrashekhar was arrested from a hotel and taken to Tihar Jail in an election commission bribery case. It was alleged that he had taken rupees from AIADMK (Amma) leader TTV Dhinakaran for bribing Commission officials in the case of an election symbol with’ two leaves’. It is said that he had made a deal for Rs 50 crore to get an election Mark to the AIADMK (Amma) faction. 1.3 crore was allegedly recovered from him at the time of the arrest. After Sukesh was lodged in Tihar jail, there were reports that he was still running a racket for the recovery of crore rupees after being in detention.

What is the new case
In fact, the new case was filed on the complaint of Aditi S. Singh, wife of Fortis promoter Shivinder Singh. He has alleged that he has been the victim of a fraud of Rs 200 crore. She said that the caller had described himself as a law ministry official and promised to bail her husband. The Delhi Police’s Economic Crimes Branch has registered a case on Aditi Singh’s complaint. A police officer informed that after the investigation of the case, it was revealed that the mastermind behind it is Sukesh Chandrashekhar.


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