‘Kaun Banegi Shikharvati’ REVIEW: Naseeruddin Shah’s OTT debut turned out to be faded

‘Kaun Banegi Shekharwati’ Review: 10 episodes and nearly 5 and a half hours long in this web series will enjoy that now… Now it will be fun, but by the time it comes, the episode ends. This child-like web series has neither Nasir nor frozen

‘Kaun Banegi Shekharwati’ Review: we have a eminent OTT channel and on it many years by a growing a film and web series have been there. The content is still good in other languages, but in Hindi the content selectors are likely convinced by the producers ‘ name that the content will be great. For some time now, ZEE5’s web series like Sunil Grover’s sunflower, Divyendu Sharma’s Scorpion game or Kunal Khemu’s Abhay have not been a single series that can be considered a fully cooked product. In this episode, Naseeruddin Shah’s first web series “Kaun Bani shikharavati” was released recently.

'Kaun Banegi Shikharvati' REVIEW: Naseeruddin Shah's OTT debut turned out to be faded
‘Kaun Banegi Shikharvati’ REVIEW: Naseeruddin Shah’s OTT debut turned out to be faded

In this 10-episode and 5-and-a-half-hour-long web series, it seems that it will be fun now, but by the time it is fun, the episode ends. Neither Nasir JAMA nor Lara or Soha or Kritika are featured in this child-like web series. A few moments away from Raghuvir Yadav and child artist Alisha Khair, the whole series is a great time waste.

Raje Rajwade of Rajasthan is now quite modern. Leaving aside some of their traditions, most of the princes have now returned to foreign countries, all of them are engaged in a business or they have started their business by turning one of their palaces into a heritage hotel. No prince or princess now ceased to be filmy or fake. But looking at the style in which Naseeruddin Shah is presented, the idea comes that many characters of this variety have already done Naseer, then why is this one faded. Nasir seems confused in the role of King of shikharavati.

In the beginning of the series, he appears to be a fool and a king of the zodam Variety, who relies on his friend Numa Secretary Raghuvir Yadav for everything. As the series progresses, Naseer’s character brings new colours to every episode. It becomes difficult to understand whether Nasir is actually zodam or acting as zodam. In order to choose the right successor for his legacy, he picks up his four daughters (Lara, Soha, Kritika and Anya) from their lives and brings them to shikharavati.

It’s different that the four daughters are quick to escape from their personal lives. Like fools, games based on Navras are held, and all four daughters earn points by participating in them. Who gets the highest score, the detection exercise takes many characters into the story and then goes missing. In the end, whether Nasir gets his successor is the end of the story, but you do not have to know because it is not necessary to show.

Naseer’s OTT debut is extremely lackluster. Naseer has never agreed on such a weak narrative and script. Only to know what has happened this time. If you recall the roles of chillie masala Subedar or Hero Hiralal of Hiralal or Bhawani bhawai of Raja chakrasen, then the role of Raja Mrityunjaya shikharavati seems to have been anemia. In the flashback scenes, he is featured as a wise father and King. The responsibility of raising daughters after the death of the wife also plays properly. On the contrary, he currently acts as a clown and becomes a serious man in the last two episodes. The graph of any character in Nasir’s life has not been written in such a vain way.

Ananya Banerjee and Simran Sahni (Chandigarh KARE Aashiqui) have written this comedy web series together. The characters should not try to understand because understanding will not come. Lara Dutta has become the eldest daughter who quietly married her classmate and has had children. Her husband’s business sinks, crores of debt, and she has borrowed money from an odd don. What’s amazing is that Lara’s character is a controlling wife and she doesn’t even notice it. How to treat this thing?

The second daughter is Soha who lives in a dance village and dances. She has two children from two different lovers, Padma and Dhanur. The thing to laugh at is that their names are placed on the asanas of yoga. Their names and their characters do not have the Starship. However, both the children have acted well. The third daughter is Kritika Kamra who is a social media influencer and has millions of followers on clicktagram. In contrast to his image, the character is so short-lived that he doesn’t even understand the usual joke. The fourth daughter Anya Singh is a game designer and is surrounded by many diseases.

In the script, it is not necessary to explain how the four sisters, who live with great love, their mother is the link between them and teaches them to live together, suddenly begin to dislike each other. The humor of Charlie Chaplin’s behavior at a banquet hosted by his father, including hair coloring, putting off in the fridge, hitting the waiter, and throwing away a bottle of wine, caused at least 18 years of conflict among the sisters that they left home? How will Digests. The audience is also confused about why these student of the Year type games are laid out?

Tales of the Arabian Nights and the discovery of the successor in the native tales are buried, it was okay to stay there. Games are also so childish that viewers take Sir Pete. As it happens, all four use their skills to win two games and during this time they remember old relationships with each other and make friends again. In this story, there is also an income tax officer who goes on to assess Nasir’s assets by becoming a fake prince. An income tax officer could be so stupid that it was only possible here. The rest of the collaborators remained ordinary. Raghuvir Yadav is also west.

Director Ananya Banerjee and Gaurav K. Chawla has done a lot of work together, writing and assistant director. Gaurav made a flop with Saif Ali Khan and Rohan Mehra in another lousy version of “Wall Street” called “Bazar”. This web series also does not seem to benefit the careers of these two. If Nasir, Lara, Soha or other actors are not busy nowadays, then maybe casting would not have cost much, but a little money, time and intelligence should have been spent on writing scripts. Although the songs are not there, the background music is good. Anurag Saikia are constantly doing good work. There is nothing missing in the rest of the series, even cinematography has failed to show the beauty of Rajasthan. It is better if you forget this series tomorrow, just like the old Raje rajwads. Time will save.

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