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Naseeruddin Shah says Mughals are the builders of the nation they trolled says pahle sharan li fir loot liya ss – Naseeruddin Shah’s ‘mugon later said that, while the nation of makers’ es de logos, speak to the

Naseeruddin Shah is a Bollywood actor who is often limelight about his acting as well as his statements. Naseeruddin Shah is often in the spotlight due to his controversial statements. Recently, he made a statement about the Mughals, which has caused an uproar on social Media. Naseeruddin, who has repeatedly expressed his opinion on religious issues, has now made a statement on Muslims, which has come under discussion. During a show, he called the Mughals a nation maker, after which social media users are taking his tremendous class (Naseeruddin Shah Troll).

‘Muslims will not give up’
An interview by Naseeruddin Shah is going viral on social media, in which he talks about Muslims. In an interview with the wire, he said,’ there is an attempt to create fear among Muslims, but Muslims will not give up. Muslims will face this because we have to save our home, we have to save our homeland, we have to save our family, we have to save our children.’

‘Mughals contribute to this country’
During the conversation, he said, ‘the alleged atrocities of the Mughals are highlighted from time to time. But why do we forget that the Mughals are the same people who have contributed for the sake of this country. They are the people who have created permanent monuments in the country, whose culture includes dancing, singing, painting, literature. The Mughals came here to make it their homeland. Mughals can call them refugees if you wish.’

People raging on social media
Naseeruddin Shah’s statement is increasingly viral on social media, which is being reacted by social media users. A user tried to convey what the Mughals did through an image. The user has shown the difference between the refugee and the asylum seeker.

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Another user wrote – ‘ I mean the same thing, come first as a refugee and then make the natives who are refugees. Another user wrote – shared a video on the actor’s musical statement and wrote- ‘O yes… Mughals can be seen contributing to music in Afghanistan as they contributed to music in India.’

Another user wrote ‘Pravasi would have been a better word not a refugee ” buildings, culture, dance, music, literature are not of the Mughals…they were already of the Mughals in India…if they are of the Mughals…then why are they not in Afghanistan.’

The disputed statement is of deep connection!
This is not the first time Naseeruddin Shah has made a controversial statement. He has a deep connection with the controversial statements. A few months ago, he had expressed his opinion on people’s reactions to the Taliban’s occupation in Afghanistan, even after which he was trolled.


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