Ott War Voot and Owl Ap Join Hands in Ott Match, Tomorrow’s Series to Watch

OTT War: Voot and Owl AP join hands in OTT match, tomorrow’s series to watchThe Indian digital entertainment market has entered the second phase of OTT business. All the companies producing entertainment content and their OTT’s agreement with the other OTT started with ALT Balaji and G5. This was followed by the merger of G and Sony.

OTT War: Voot and Owl AP join hands in OTT match, tomorrow's series to watch
OTT War: Voot and Owl AP join hands in OTT match, tomorrow’s series to watch

And now, the Owl app has joined hands with Voot, trying to explore its audience for a long time. Under this new agreement, close to a hundred web series on the Owl app will now be available for free on Voot as well. The web series in Hindi is also set to show in all other Indian languages.

अस्सी नब्बे पूरे सौ

Eighty ninety full hundred-photo: Amar Ujala, Mumbai
Voot, the OTT platform of voicemail18, has winds of change these days. The OTT NIT has been planning new shows since the web series ‘illigal 2’ and its new show ‘Ranjish Hi right’ has also sparked a lot of curiosity among the audience. The series is based on famous film director Mahesh Bhatt’s relationship with the then superstar heroine Parveen Babi. The creator of the series is also Mahesh Bhatt. Along with the broadcast of parstari se Rishta series ‘Ranjish Hi right’, Voot also has some more shocking stories on such relationships going on from January 14.


Panchali-photo: Amar Ujala, Mumbai
These stories have actually been reconstructed from the library of another OTT owl. According to the information, Voot and Owl have had a three-year exclusive deal. Under this agreement, VOOT will have the opportunity to showcase all of the owl library shows on its platform, starting with 10 shows to be shown in January that viewers will not want to interrupt once they start watching. Of these, shows such as eighty ninety full hundred, Panchali, cyanide and 26 January will begin airing on January 14. While web series like Peshawar, paper, the bull of Dalal Street, yearning and wait will be available from January 21 on the Voot app.

26 जनवरी

January 26-photo: Amar Ujala, Mumbai
Voot app says that by bringing the Owl app content to its app, Voot is trying to offer entertaining and engaging entertainment content to its worldwide audience. This will expand their library and also enable app management in such a way that customers demand new shows. Through this partnership, Voot intends to strengthen its AVOD (advertising led Videos On Demand) section. Such web series viewers get to watch for free. Instead, OTT management stores the customers ‘ meta data and shows them all the more to their liking. In the middle of these series, advertisements also continue to run.

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