Pawan Singh khesari lal yadav Controversy Singers Divided in two Parts Raya

Pawan Singh khesari lal yadav Controversy Singers Divided in two Parts Raya

Manish Kumar

Bhojpuri actor Pawan Singh and here Red Yadav among the Bhojpuri super star-to-be disputing are at the peak… the situation was that here in the arena Wind Free are calling for so Pawan Singh harmony ranging free to take the challenge are. The fight between Bhojpuri’s senior actors and singers is not going to stop. The video, which is being put on social media, is causing anger among both the supporters.

Two groups of singers challenge each other

After the controversy over Pawan Singh and Khesari, the big and small singers of Bhojpuri have split into two groups. While Pawan’s supporters are making false comments through singing against Khesari, Khesari’s supporters are threatening to give false statements about Pawan Singh.

Pawan Singh khesari lal yadav Controversy Singers Divided in two Parts Raya

The battle has come over caste

The fight between the two has had such a bad effect on social media that now supporters are targeting each other on the basis of caste. Many younger singers are singing songs and uploading videos on social media describing the Battle of caste. Which tell each other heavily and are threatening to take a look. Dozens of such videos have been uploaded on social media within two days.


Message from both Bihari singer going wrong

Bhojpuri actor Pawan Singh hails from Ara district. At an early age, Ajit Singh, who is a singer, teaches singing to his uncle. Pawan Singh slowly started doing small stage shows. Pawan started getting recognition due to Goddess songs. After years of struggles, the song ‘Lollipop ‘ became a hit. After which Pawan Singh started getting an offer of films and became a star. Khesari Lal Yadav hails from Chhapra district. In the meantime, Khesari’s song’ Piya Arab Gayle na ‘ came up and made a lot of noise in the era of CDs … after which Khesari got a chance to work in films… but now the biggest star between the two Bihari stars is competing to prove himself. Both are beginning to humiliate each other. Before that, whenever the two had met, the older and younger brothers used to tell each other. But due to the fight between the two, the Bhojpuri film industry was being misreported in the country and abroad.

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