Ramayan’s Sita Deepika Chikhalia looks at’ school uniform’, now actress admits mistake


Deepika Chikhlia played Sita in Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayan’. The show was televised in the 80’s. During the lockdown, the show returned to TV again and broke several TRP records. Deepika Chikhalia became popular by playing Sita in’ Ramayana’. The audience saw Arun Govil in the role of RAM and Sunil Lahari in the role of Lakshman.

All these stars, including Deepika Chikhalia, have a huge fan following, but there is a flip side. Since fans have been seeing him as a role model, they may even get hurt by something they don’t like. Something similar happened to Deepika Chikhalia when she shared her photos with friends in a school uniform on Instgram.

Dipika Chikhlia Uniform Photo: छोटी ड्रेस में फोटो शेयर कर ट्रोलिंग का शिकार हुईं 'टीवी' की सीता, अब बोलीं- हुई गलती

Deepika Chikhlia deleted photos after trolling
Deepika Chikhalia posted a set of photos on May 22, in which she was seen wearing a white shirt, skirt, sneakers and a necktie. The actress also held a glass in her hand. Many netizens did not like her appearance and began to criticize her. However, he has removed the photos from Instagram after trolling.

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Deepika Chikhalia had deleted the photos after trolling. (Instagram/dipikachikhliatopiwala)

Deepika Chikhlia is sorry to hurt fans
When eTimes TV asked Deepika Chikhalia if she had any idea that she could be a troll because of the photos, she said, I would never have done this if I had realised. I never want to hurt my fans. Bad feeling that I was trolled. I also feel bad that I have hurt the feelings of my fans. I know people see me as Sita, not as Deepika.’

Dipika Chikhlia

Deepika Chikhlia admits her mistake
The actress realized that she had hurt people, so she had deleted the post. She says: ‘I thought people were unhappy. There is quite a lot happening in the world, why add another issue to this? I am not justifying what I have done. It was my fault. I am not trying to escape from my ‘larger than life’ image, nor am I asserting that I am also a human being.’

Ramanand Sagar’s TV serial ‘Ramayana’ is still very popular among the people today. This TV serial was re-aired during the lockdown days, since which the stars seen in it have once again come into the limelight. In the serial, Deepika Chikhalia was seen as’ Sita ‘and Arun Govil as’ Ram’. Both of these artists had the status of God in real life as well. But these days, people are on target. Seeing an Insta post of the actress, people are furious because of which they are being heard very well.

In fact, Deepika Chikhalia shared a picture on her official Instagram account, in which she was seen partying with people close to her. During this time, Deepika was seen wearing a school uniform. He is wearing a short skirt and a white shirt and he is also holding a glass of drink in his hand. In the picture, Deepika’s friends are also seen in this look. This picture of Deepika went viral as soon as it came out, after which people heard her very well.

दीपिका चिखलिया

People did not like this style of Deepika Chikhlia at all. One user wrote, ‘ Mother what Drick you hold in your hand. Another user wrote, ‘ We gave you the status of Goddess. One user said that you are not looking good at all. However, after being trolled, the actress immediately deleted this post from Instagram. But this picture is present on Deepika’s fanpage.

दीपिका चिखलिया
Deepika Chikhalia got house-to-house recognition from the TV serial ‘Ramayana’. This series made her a star overnight, after which she also appeared in many other serials and films. However, she never broke the image of Sita from the rest of her characters.

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