Richa Chadha and Kangana Ranaut’s statements in support of those celebrating Dhakad’s flop

Kangana Ranaut starrer ‘Dhakad’ has been badly beaten. The film, which has collected just 50 lakh on the opening day, is not going to appeal to the audience. The actor and filmmaker’s films have been heavily criticised for being a flop of Kangana’s film. Now Richa Chadha has also given a reaction.

From political corridors to assertive opinions about the film world, some people are celebrating happiness when Kangana Ranaut’s film flops. In such a situation, Tahsin Poonawalla, a ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant, came out in support of Kangana Ranaut and while rejoicing at the flop of ‘Dhakad’ film, shared a few tweets and wrote ‘Kangana Ranaut is not right to be trolled for the film Dhakad.

Many of us may agree or disagree with Kangana but cannot deny that she is one of the best actors in the cinema world today and takes risks.’

He said the people were protesting against him.
One journalist wrote: ‘this is ridiculous. Viewers have rejected a bad movie whose shows are going into the void. Telling the truth is trolling? Really’. On this, Tahsin wrote ‘ ‘ No ! Celebrating a movie flop is not good’. In this conversation, Richa Chadha jumped up and wrote ‘ ‘ it is easy to adjust to power and in this you get tax exemption, Rewards, Special Status, Protection. Don’t you know that many times it’s turned upside down? People are registering their protest by any means. So chill’.

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Richa Chadha recalls Kangana’s statements
Tahsin replying to it, wrote ‘ I am chill. I have not seen this film despite Kangana Ranaut’s call. I will stand up for the film business. One should not be happy about any flop film because it hurts the industry. If the government does wrong, that doesn’t mean we should too.’ On this, Richa reminded how the film industry had been called ‘gutter’ on the drugs case controversy last year. ‘Systematically a story plot was set that the film business in Mumbai is the haunt of all the mess. People here are murderers. Many people took part in this narrative. Now some others are celebrating the fall of the other, the unfortunate result of the same’.

Richa Chadha gave the answer to Tehseen
Richa Chadha said, ‘ yes, it is morally wrong and also because thousands of people work on a film. But it also happens and happens with everyone’.

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Let us tell you that Kangana Ranaut had fiercely promoted her action thriller film ‘Dhakad’ and she expected this film to be a hit, but the film was not able to show its charisma at the box office.

Dhaakad Box Office: did Richa Chadha mess up with Kangana again? The failure of’ Dhakad ‘ to say this

ऋचा चड्ढा-कंगना रणौत


कंगना रणौत

This is how the case began
Speaking outside the film, Kangana Ranaut is quite outspoken politically and socially and seems to have her own views. Those who do not like his ideology are celebrating the failure of his film. Pool by Kangana’s ‘each’ failure of celebrating such people criticized. He tweeted, ‘trolling Kangana for the failure of the film ‘Dhakad’ is extremely wrong! We can agree and disagree with Kangana. But one cannot deny that Kangana is one of the best actors in cinema to date. The most important thing is that she is always ahead in taking risks. More power to you Kangana’. One user said: ‘This is ridiculous. The audience has denied a bad film, the show of which is going to zero. Telling the truth is trolling? Really? On this Tehseen said, ‘ no! Celebrating a failed film is not good.’

ऋचा चड्ढा
Richa Chadha lunged in the middle Tehseen Poonawalla and Richa Chadha also jumped in the middle in the user’s conversation and wrote in a tweet, ‘it is easy to adjust to power. It has advantages such as tax exemption, Awards, special status, security. So don’t you know that the opposite is also true? People are protesting in their own way. Stay calm. On this point of the Richa, Tahsin wrote, ‘ I am calm. I haven’t seen the film yet, even after the invitation of Kangana. But, I stand with the film business. One should not be happy about the failure of any film, because it hurts the industry. If the government does wrong, that doesn’t mean we should do the same’.
ऋचा चड्ढा
Richa Chadha –
Richa reminds old things of Kangana
After this, Richa said, ‘ Kangana has been at the forefront of those who criticise Bollywood over the drugs case controversy in the last few years. Even Kangana had called the industry ‘gutter’. He very organically woven a story that the film industry in Mumbai is the haven of all loopholes. People here are murderers, et cetera. Many people took part in this fake narrative. Now some people are celebrating other people’s failure. However, Richa also wrote, ‘ Don’t celebrate the failure of the film. Morally this is wrong. Also because thousands of people work in a movie. It happens.’
कंगना रणौत
The most up-and-coming movie.
Let’s say that Kangana’s film is a bad flop at the box office. Last Friday, Kangana’s film ‘Dhakad’ has been in good shape since its release day. On Monday, ‘Dhakad’ was the last in the box-office collection. The film seems to be preparing to leave the field completely on Monday. On this day, its collection totaled Rs 30 lakh. The film has so far earned just Rs 3.53 crore at the box office.

Kangana Ranaut will listen to Richa Chadha’s Mirchi! Dhaakad said on the flop – all is the fruit of karma

Richa Chadha comes in support to people who celebrated Kangana Ranaut Dhaakad failure at box office: people are celebrating on social media when Kangana Ranaut’s film Dhakad flops. Richa Chadha has come in support of her and has said that Kangana’s rhetoric about Bollywood is the result of that.

Richa Chadha and Kangana Ranaut
Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut’s recent release film ‘Dhaakad’has hit the box office. Now this film is considered a flop. The film earned less than 1 crore on Opening Day. After this, several reports came out in which it was reported that the shows of the film had to be canceled due to not getting an audience in many places. Kangana often keeps her thoughts related to politics on social media. Now his opponents on social media are expressing great joy at the flop of’ Dhakad’.



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On Monday, Bigg Boss fame Tehseen Poonawalla shared tweets of some people who were happy about Kangana’s film flop and wrote, ‘ it is extremely wrong to troll Kangana Ranaut for the film Dhakad. We can agree or disagree with Kangana Ranaut, but we cannot deny that she is one of the best actors in cinema to date and is a risk taker. In response, one user wrote, ‘ this is ridiculous. The audience has rejected a lousy film. Is telling the truth trolling? In response, Tahsin wrote, ‘ No, but it is wrong to celebrate the film being a flop.’



It’s easy to support-it’s easy to support.
After this, actress Richa Chadha also jumped in this debate. He wrote, ‘ it is easy to stand with power and in return, tax exemptions, Awards, special status, security, even legislatures promote the film. Don’t you know that there is truth to it? People are protesting regardless of the way they are. So keep calm. He said in response that he had not seen the film yet. He said ,’ I am very calm. I have not seen his film while Kangana also invited me. I stood in support of the films. One should not celebrate the flop as it hurts the industry. If the government is doing wrong it does not mean we should do the same.’

He said-it’s all for himself.
In response, Richa told how Kangana had done evil to Bollywood last year. Kangana had called the film industry to the gutter. He wrote, ‘Absolutely under the conspiracy it was thought that the Mumbai film industry is the den of every wrongdoing. People here are murderers and things like that. Many people were involved in creating this thinking. Now if others are celebrating someone’s failure, it is the result of that. Yes, it is wrong to celebrate the joy of being a flop because thousands of people work on a film. But this happens to everyone. Let us know that Richa Chadha and Kangana Ranaut have worked together in Ashwini Iyer Tiwari’s film ‘panga’.

Kangana’s sister called Richa ‘jobless’
Even before this, Richa Chadha has clearly opposed Kangana’s social and political views. He had said about working with Kangana ,’ it is not necessary to get your ideas with everyone but everyone has the right to have their own ideas. But on the sets we are proficient. I am glad that many people have openly protested and it will continue to go on. Earlier, Kangana’s sister Rangoli had also called him a ‘jobless actor’ while cracking down on Richa.



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