Salman Khan Discharge From Hospital After Snake Bite Know Health Update

Salman Khan is scheduled to celebrate his 27th birthday on Monday, December 56. But something happened just a day before his special day, after which his fans are starting to worry about his health. Like every time this time, Salman Khan had arrived at the farmhouse in Panvel a few days before his birthday, where the snake took snake bites Salman Khan to Bhaijaan late at night. As soon as the news arrives, fans are worried about his health.

No danger to health
After Salman Khan’s snake bite, he was immediately admitted to the MGM (Mahatma Gandhi Mission) Hospital in the Kamothe area of Navi Mumbai. It is being reported that the snake that Salman had a thorn was a viper without poison, so there is no danger to his health.

Salman Khan returns to Faram house from hospital
According to a report by ABP, Salman Khan stayed in the hospital overnight and returned to the farmhouse in Panvel around 9 am this morning. He is being told that he is healthy and is recovering soon.


Fans are looking forward to getting healthy soon
Salman Khan’s fans are looking forward to his soon recovery after the news. However, it is a relief for the fans that Salman’s health is not at risk.


Now how will Salman Khan’s birthday party?
How will the birthday of ‘Bhaijaan’ be now? These questions have been bothering people. Every year, Salman Khan is partying with friends and family at the grand celebration formhouse on his birthday. In this case, Salman will rest on the formhouse or the celebration will be revealed in the future.

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