Shah rukh khan is not first choice of yash raj in film darr juhi chawla reveals


The 90s film ‘Dar (Darr)’ gave a new height to Shah Rukh Khan’s (Shah Rukh Khan) career. The dialogue of the film… the first consonant of the Devanagari syllabary… the first consonant of the Devanagari syllabary.. Kiran became so famous that it became Shah Rukh’s identity. Even today, the one who mimics ‘King Khan’ definitely speaks this iconic dialogue. He had put his life into this role. Sunny Deol (Sunny Deol), the biggest action star of that era, was definitely a hero in the film ‘Dar’, but all the wow shah rukh le ude. Now imagine if shah rukh khan was replaced by another actor.

the first consonant of the Devanagari syllabary.. the first consonant of the Devanagari syllabary.. How would it have been to speak the dialogue with kiran? You may be thinking that no one can speak better than Shah Rukh, but you will be surprised to know that he was not the first choice for this character, but someone else.

Juhi Chawla (Juhi Chawla) played the lead actress in the film ‘Dar (Darr).’ Juhi Chawla is all set to hit the Show (The Kapil Sharma ShowS) this weekend to make fun of her. Where she is about to unveil many secrets associated with the film ‘Fear’ with her career.

Juhi will reveal during the show that late actor Dara Singh was the first choice to replace Shah Rukh in the film ‘Dar’. Now imagine how Dara Singh would have looked if he had played a eccentric lover? Kapil Sharma’s show judge Archana Puran Singh shared a BTS (Behind the Scene) video on her Instagram in which Sudesh Lahiri is seen as Dara Singh. He is seen speaking the dialogue of the film ‘Dar’.


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