Shahrukh khan starrer film swades turns 17 years pr

Shahrukh khan starrer film swades turns 17 years pr

Shah Rukh Khan starrer movie ‘Swadesh’ (Swades) was released on 17 December 2004. In this film, the patriotic spirit was placed in front of the audience in a different way. Ashutosh Gowariker had made another new theme after the superhit film ‘Lagaan’, which took Gayatri Joshi along with Shah Rukh. Shah Rukh’s work was liked by the people, but it has taken a distance from the movies. A new dimension of Shah Rukh’s acting was seen by the audience in this film, but hardly anyone knows Shah Rukh did not want to do this film. On completion of 17 years of’ IA Swadesh’, narrates some interesting stories related to the film.

Shahrukh khan starrer film swades turns 17 years pr

Shah Rukh Khan did not want to ‘Swadesh’ 

In fact, 17 years ago, when Ashutosh Govarikar approached Shah Rukh Khan when he thought of making a film ‘Swadesh’ on a subject like NASA. After hearing the story of the film, Shah Rukh said that the film is good but will not work. Because the content of this film was fantastic but there were no hit formulas like the usual movies. But later this film began to be described as a masterpiece. The film became one of the films closest to Shah Rukh Khan’s heart after doing it. This was stated by the actor himself while talking to the media.

Shah Rukh’s emotional relationship with ‘Swadesh’

‘Homelands’ while Shah Rukh Khan from the film emotionally connected. Shah Rukh Khan had told the media in an interview that he was so passionate about the ending of ‘Swadesh’ that he himself never saw his film to the end. It was the first Indian film to show scenes filmed inside the NASA Research Center. The story of the film is the homecoming story of an NRI scientist. In the film, Shah Rukh was in the role of Project Manager at NASA who comes to the village and is obsessed with a variety of ground realities.


Shah Rukh Khan in’ Swadesh ‘ with his co-actress Gayatri Joshi.Photo Credit: Movies N Memories / Twitter)

Many see’ Swadesh ‘ return to the homeland

The music of this film is still highly loved today. An interesting anecdote about this film was told by musician A. R. Rahman. He had told that many people watching this film imbued with patriotism returned from abroad to their homeland. Many Indians from abroad came to India saying that they would make their country great again. The film had a profound impact on people’s hearts.


Shah Rukh Khan in a scene of Swadesh movie.(Photo Credit: Movies N Memories / Twitter)

’ Ye jo desh hai tera ‘ movie’s superhit song

‘Homelands’ a song of ‘hands which country is thy’ listening to the every Indian in the heart of the spirit of patriotism there kill sounds. The song was famous for the fact that the US Navy band also performed on the song in front of Indian Ambassador to the USA Taranjit Singh Sandhu.

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