Squid game has got 17 billion views on YouTube

Squid game has got 17 billion views on YouTube, beating Game Of Thrones | “squid game” beats “Game Of Thrones”, series viewed 17 billion times on YouTube

Digital Desk, Los Angeles. Netflix’s South Korean blatant squid game has overtaken HBO’s juggler game of Thrones on YouTube. According to analytics firm wobile, it has been viewed over 17 billion times across a spectrum of long and short format videos.

As Variety reports, the viewership comes from a wide variety of video content, including official trailers and clips from the series, fan entertainment of iconic moments, real-world challenges inspired by the plot, and even descriptions of user-generated video games based on assets.

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Jared Nayler, wobile’s vice president for audience development, told Variety, looking at YouTube in 10 years, we’ve never seen anything like it. The company identifies and analyzes how intellectual property is shared and co-opted in the digital space. Wobile estimates that there are 129,000 billion views from 17 uploaded videos, including traditional long format YouTube clips and their recently launched TikTok competitor YouTube shorts. Those videos also include 533 million engagements (likes, dislikes, and comments).

Compared to these unprecedented numbers, game of Thrones received 420,000 billion views from 16.9 uploaded videos and including an estimated 233 million engagements.

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