The court asked Facebook to respond if the actress’s page was hacked

Court seeks response from Facebook after actress’s page was hacked | Court asks Facebook to respond when actress’s page was hacked

Digital Desk, New Delhi. The Delhi High Court on Tuesday sought an answer from Facebook on a petition filed by Bhojpuri film actress Neha Sri. The petition sought to instruct Facebook and others to restore access to their Facebook pages and accounts on social media platforms. It has been said that by hacking these accounts are being used to post illegal content. A bench of Justice Rajneesh Bhatnagar issued a notice to the defendants in the case – Facebook Inc., Delhi government and Delhi Police-asking them to file a reply on March 28, the date of the next hearing of the case.

The court asked Facebook to respond if the actress's page was hacked
The court asked Facebook to respond if the actress’s page was hacked

The lawyer representing the actress Kartikeya Mathur and K. K. Kartikeya Mathur.Of. Shukla informed the High Court that a complaint has been filed on November 20 about the hacking of the Facebook page. The lawyers demanded in the petition to remove pornographic, unethical and illegal content from the Facebook page and direct the police investigation of the case in addition to restoring the account. The petitioner said that she is a prominent Bhojpuri actress and also appears in various television shows and has also been awarded the national pride award.

Neha Sri started her Facebook account and Page in 2012 and has since grown to more than 40 lakh followers on the social media platform. His page was hacked on the night of October 19 and he received an email from Facebook stating that Neha Shree’s name as the admin of the Facebook page has been removed. Immediately after receiving the mail Neha sent a complaint to Facebook, in which he informed about the hacking. However, they only received Auto-generated and pre-typed messages. Nothing was done to restore their account.

The problem has not been resolved despite complaints at various Facebook offices in the city even after 30 days of hacking. The petitioner said, My image which I had worked hard in the last 10 years has been adversely affected due to posting pornographic content on the hacked Facebook page. Neha is receiving mails from friends, relatives, fans and followers about the unethical content being posted on her Facebook account. Although the petitioner has tried to argue to make it clear to them that the hacker attacked the account, it is finding it difficult for them to reach their 40 million followers, among whom the petitioner’s reputation has been badly damaged.

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