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The Fame Game Web Series Review: Madhuri Dixit won’t have that much spice in any movie, but ‘more than needed’

Madhuri Dixit, Manav Kaul, Sanjay Kapoor, Suhasini Mulay, Rajshri Deshpande, Ankush Jaffrey and lakshveer Sharan have released the animated web series ‘The Fame Game’. Read review before viewing.

The Fame Game Web Series Cast

Madhuri Dixit, Manav Kaul, Sanjay Kapoor, Suhasini Mulay, Rajshri Deshpande, smiles Jafri, lakshmveer Sharan
Director: Bijoy Nambiar
Star rating: 3
Where to watch: on Netflix

The Fame Game Web Series Review: माधुरी दीक्षित की किसी भी मूवी में इतना मसाला नहीं होगा, लेकिन 'जरूरत से ज्यादा'
The Fame Game Web Series Review:


New Delhi: Madhuri Dixit fans have never seen so many twists, turns and spices in any of her movies, perhaps that would be the reason why Madhuri Dixit would have done yes for this webseries. However, there is no need for more spices to be fatal for this series, because due to Madhuri’s charisma, the family audience that will come to see it will not find some spices in this series ‘The Fame game’ worth sitting together. These spices are initially enjoyed, but later the audience will definitely think about what was needed for this spice.

The Fame Game Web Series Excessive seasoning

First find out what kind of spices are in this series- It has a gay relationship, it has a lesbian relationship of a police officer, it knows neither the father nor the son that he is not his father, it has the story of an illegal child of a hero heroine, it tries all the tricks to get a movie hit, it also has a psycho killer, it also has the angle of buying an illegal revolver of the heroine, it also has a drugs there is also the angle of using it like a ‘gold bird’, in which the heroine will also be offered to be brought to bed by the producer, There is also nepotism and the passion for ‘doing anything’ for the unlimited ambitions of the heroine.

One of the films that everyone liked by the director of the series, Bijoy Nambiar, was Irrfan Khan’s ‘caravan’, but he was the only writer in this movie, and Irrfan is more credited with hitting that movie. But one pattern that appears to be seen in his movies is to bring more and more formulas, twists and turns, from ‘caravan’ to ‘Amitabh Farhan’ starrer ‘Wazir’ and Madhuri Dixit seems to have peaked in ‘the fame game’ series, but this has made his series more and more confusing.

The Fame Game Web Series The story of the discord behind the heroine

The story is about one such heroine Anamika Anand (Madhuri Dixit), who has been number one for 30 years, teaming up with one of her older-star Manish Khanna (Manav Kaul) after twenty years to give her a big superhit, with her husband Nikhil Anand (Sanjay Kapoor) and Anamika disappearing after the premiere of the same movie. Obviously, the police are active and then the story of the family kalahs behind the scenes of that heroine living in this world of Jash Damak begins to unfold.

Ring finger is the son of gay

Anamika has two children, of whom son Avi (lakshmveer) and daughter Amara (smirk Jafri), it seems as if Shah Rukh Khan’s children are thought of as their characters. Avi is gay and has a habit of taking drugs like Aryan, while the daughter is a little less beautiful, and wants to be a big heroine like the mother. You flash back and currently, by playing the movie, the story slowly begins to open, the viewer feels that the ring finger has disappeared to get the movie hit, either her husband in debt has done the kidnap or she has disappeared herself.

Hight and seek game to be seen in web series

But it seems that the director is playing hide and seek with the audience, that he is constantly confused. Then the investigation of the case is handed over to an assistant commissioner Shobha Trivedi (Rajshri Deshpande) who is a lesbian and is living with one of her friends, who has fought with her husband and brought the child together. Rajshree came into the discussion with her topless scenes at Sacred Games. The second story is about a psycho fan of Anamika, who claims that she is the illegitimate child of Anamika-Manish, she will have to be adopted, later he traps Anamika’s daughter in his love trap, and also murders Anamika’s makeup men. A different story is going on for Anamika’s ‘gay’ son to go on the couch and befriend his gay friend, but the director does not stop, he creates another father for that son. If nothing else, the director plot the suicide of hero Manish Khanna.

The Fame Game Web Series Each character has a different story

In between, it seems that Anamika’s BAI also has a different story, her makeup men also seem to have a story and there is confusion about Manish Khanna’s daughter, here in between, to keep the suspense, the director is slowly unfolding the story, why a bullet got stuck on the pillar in Anamika’s House, who put it on the transmitter Nikhil’s But the police and the director may even forget the murder of makeup man Willy.

Psycho shown to everyone at Climax
In the end, in the climax, the director tries to shock more than necessary, in this case there is laughter, but the director also tries to justify him, any big turn becomes easy by proving a psycho to someone. Think three or three main characters have a mental illness in this movie and what will the rest feel like in frustration? Fan of ring finger is psycho killer, lover is biopular also takes drugs and daughter? He has finally tried to prove himself as a psycho in the climax and since this is season one, it seems that Madhuri has also been pointed out to be somewhat psycho for the second season.

Added bold scenes of coercion
The director, on the one hand, tries to include all the factors of the entire Bollywood world in this movie, while also removes frustration on journalists, the police officer in the opening scene seems to be clear from the way a girl hurries a journalist like a laggard, then there is a slap scandal in the full press conference. Sometimes the director seems to be unable to figure out how to get the story going, then the last episodes have added intimate scenes of a lesbian police officer, intimate scenes of a gay guy, intimate scenes of a girl from Anamika, which can upset the family audience. At the same time, Madhuri appears to be avoiding intimate scenes. Yes, Manav Kaul is an excellent actor, but in many places it seems that he did not work too hard on the look and style that he should have had to show the super star, Overall the story is ‘too much filmy’, Madhuri has tried her hand in TV series like her old partner Anil Kapoor, but this series is not able to Climax is also filmed in such a way that viewers hardly wait for Season 2 of the series. However, Madhuri’s Jabra Fans will love the series. Because their kindling has its place.

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