Top Best Web Series Review: Rudra – The Age of Darkness, Season 1


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Top Best Web Series Review: Rudra – The Age of Darkness, Season 1

Actors: Ajay Devgn, Rashi Khanna, Atul Kulkarni, Isha Deol, Ashish Vidyarthi
Director: Rajesh Mapuskar
English: Hindi, crime, mystery, drama

Web Series  Rudra Story 

Ajay Devgn’s debut series ‘Rudra: the Edge of Darkness’ on OTT has finally been released. The story is from the Special Crime Unit of Mumbai Police. At the heart of the story is DCP rudravir Singh, played by Ajay Devgn. Rudravir’s mind and work are both tremendous. He also does not refrain from breaking the rules to get to the bottom of crime. This is why some people in the department do not like him and because of this he has to face troubles. This is the psychological crime thriller, which takes you on a different mystery trip.

Web Series  Rudra Review

web series ‘Rudra: The Age of darkness’ is a Hindi remake of the BBC series ‘Luther’. The show has 6 episodes. A loot and then murder mystery, ‘Rudra’ moves in this direction. No thriller story has an exact formula to keep the audience engaged. Especially when you are making a show from another country, another language, according to your audience. The makers of’ Rudra: the age of Darkness ‘ have followed a rule here and keep it as simple, straightforward and intuitive as possible.

The story of the original BBC series is written by Neil Cross. Idris Alba was the hero in this show. Here, Ishan Trivedi, Abbas and Hussain Dalal took charge of the story at the time of the remake in Hindi. Makers have worked hard on adapting the real story to a desi style. Without losing any time, director Rajesh Mapuskar lets the audience plunge directly into the story. From the very first frame you embark on a journey with DCP rudravir Singh.

Rudravir has been suspended for seven months. His suspension is removed. He is an officer in the special crime unit, commanded by Deepali Handa (Ashwini Kalsekar). Throughout the show, you are told several times that Rudra is the most capable officer of the Department. Although each episode has a different story, all are connected somewhere. These are associated with criminal psychology. Along with the episodes, layers of Rudra’s personal life open up. Her personal life is also an important part of this story.

While the criminal is being chased on one side of the show, investigations are underway, along with the strings of Rudra’s personal life are woven. Her marriage with Shaila (Isha Deol Takhtani) is not happy. Rudra’s equations with his seniors and juniors are also very different. He has a different passion about his job. He goes on with his passion, but he has to pay the price in his personal life. He is quick-witted and has the insistence of reaching the depths of the minds of dangerous criminals. This is why his life is at risk at times.

In the very first episode of the show, Alia Choksi (Rashi Khanna) enters Rudra’s life. She is a tremendous girl. He is considered a genius of space research. But he is the suspect accused in a double murder case. However, Rudra initially fails to prove Alia’s hand in this case. The following episode also shows a friendship between the two.

The makers have made the show intense, beginning with Ananya Birla’s dark visual tone and theme song ‘Tera aajam’. Episodes are long, but keep you engaged. At the end of each episode, you have the urge to watch the next episode. Apparently this is all due to the fine and tight script.



Ajay Devgn has made a mark in his digital debut. However, on several occasions he appears in rolls that on the big screen he has played before in his long career. Rudra is with an image with larger than life. The rest of the actors in the show also seem to be right in their character.

It is good that the makers have worked hard to make the original show fit the Indian audience. Connect to it remains. But it would have been better if the length of the episodes had been a little shorter, there could have been added some new cases that are not part of the actual series. In this case, the audience would have something completely new about the story and ending of the series.

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