Vicky Kaushal father Sham Kaushal has a connection with Shah Rukh Khan Salman Khan an

Mumbai: the marriage of Vicky Kaushal (Vicky Kaushal) and Katrina Kaif (Katrina Kaif) remains in the spotlight. Fans want to know more about the families of both. Vicky’s connection is not only with movies, his father Sham Kaushal is also deeply associated with Bollywood. Few people know that Vicky’s dad has worked in many Bollywood movies.

Vicky’s dad is a stunt expert
Vicky’s Papa was not an actor like Sham Kaushal son, he is associated with the movies as a stuntman and action director. He has been the action director of many well-known films. You’ll be surprised to learn that evening’s skills have done stunts for many big stars.

Sham Kaushal has performed stunts in his films for stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Ranveer Singh, Hrithik Roshan, Varun Dhawan. Vicky’s father has a special relationship with Shah Rukh Khan because he has done stunts in many of his famous films.

Sham Kaushal has good relationships from many Bollywood celebs.

Shah Rukh Khan has a special relationship
According to media reports, Vicky Kaushal’s Papa Sham has been the stunt director of Kaushal Shah Rukh’s films ‘My Name Is Khan’, ‘Rab ne Bandi Di Jodi’, ‘Om Shanti Om’. He also performed stunts in Shah Rukh’s 2012 film ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’. He has been associated with the film’ Badshah‘,’ Devdas ‘ as a stunt coordinator.

Evening skills are part of many famous films
Similarly, Vicky’s father has had a connection with Katrina’s close friend Salman Khan. He was associated with Salman’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan as an action coordinator. Sham Kaushal was associated with the movie ‘Dangal’, ‘Padmavat’, ‘Kalan’ as stunt coordinator. He was the stunt director of the movie ‘Kabil’ and ‘Kalank’. Vicky and Katrina are scheduled to take 9 rounds on 7 December. Today, turmeric and mehndi rituals associated with the couple’s marriage were performed.

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