Web Series Aarya 2 Trailer: Sushmita Sen 2021

Aarya 2 Trailer: Sushmita Sen returns by becoming don, this day will knock web series

Sushmita Sen’s debut web series ‘Arya’ is well-liked by viewers and critics. Now the trailer for the second season of his superhit web series has also been released. The release date of the show is also revealed.

Web Series Aarya 2 Trailer: Sushmita Sen 2021
Web Series Aarya 2 Trailer: Sushmita Sen 2021


New Delhi: Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen is ready to make a splash among the audience once again. The actress is coming back soon with’ Arya 2 ‘ (Aarya). The trailer for the series has also been released, adding enthusiasm to the audience. Interestingly, this time the actress appears as a dangerous gangster.

Many tweests to be seen in the series

Directed by Ram Madhwani, Sushmita is shown as a dangerous and fearless woman. The trailer has now raised many questions about the series.


Fans are excited to know whether Arya (Sushmita Sen) will be able to come out of her past? Is his family cheating on him again this time? The series is going to see many tweests.


Arya’s return

The series shows Arya getting a video clip of her late husband (chandrachun Singh). After seeing that she returns again among the same people she had once taken away her children. Now here too, she appears to be protecting her children and family from many evils. Well, what is the whole story of the series will be revealed over time.


Series to be released on this day

Apart from Sushmita, Sikander Kher, Ankur Bhatia, Vikas Kumar, Dilnaz Irani, Mayo Sarao and Arash Khurana will also be seen in the series. ‘Arya 2’ is scheduled to stream on Disney Plus Hotstar on December 10.

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