Why Ullu’s new web series is not coming after all – this is the real reason

Then why not having the latest web series– nowadays people movie from said web series prefer to see, in such a way every week latest web series OTT on the audience for the entertainment of dawns lives are. Which the audience sees with great interest.

Why Ullu's new web series is not coming after all - this is the real reason
And why not watch, nowadays web series is very famous due to its bold content, if in nowadays web series, there is no adult scene, then that web series is useless, very few people will be interested in web series of that manner,

In such a situation, the ratio of those interested in web series is increasing more than those who watch movies, and the most watched web series in India, at this time ullu.the app is producing, but for a few days, no one is launching the trailer of the web series, no one, let’s know what is behind it.

Why the new web series is not coming
Owl brings a new web series every week for the entertainment of its viewers, but for the last 1 Week, no trailer has been launched, which makes a lot of people feel that the case is going on on the Owl app, but this is not the truth, in fact it has not been explained, but maybe this week, owl will release a new trailer.

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